A House to Look from and One to Be Looked at

Sora Villa (upper) vs. Ishibashi House (lower)
Mark Twain sitting on a porch, smoking cigar.
Mark Twain (left) and an old man porch sitting in Dublin and Beijing respectively.
Venturi’s mother sitting in front of the Mother’s House, 1964.
Alice in Wonderland, when Alice drinks a potion and becomes giant, she looks out of the body-sized house from the window.
Jacques Tati, screenshots from film “Mon Oncle”, 1958.
Sora Villa living room.
A bathroom with a view-framing curtain wall.
The stone bench in Ishibashi’s courtyard, semi-enclosed by the house on two sides and walls on the other two sides.
Ishibashi House, interior fusama (partition screens)and shoji (wooden dividers on the screen).
Other rooms in Ishibashi House are also painted with abstract landscapes.



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Yiou Wang

Yiou Wang

Detection X Reflection | Blog of an architect who would have been a comparative anthropologist in a parallel world